"comfort" Tagged Sermons

"comfort" Tagged Sermons

Don’t Fear The Chisel! Part 3: Baggage

12 views Streamed live on 23 Jul 2023 Don’t Fear the Chisel! 3 things will hurt when God applies the chisel… #1. Pride #2. Comfort #3. Baggage Pride Recap. James 4:6 – God’s resistance or God’s assistance! Allow God to chisel away our pride and teach us humility. Comfort Recap. Being Uncomfortable compels us to reach out to God, causes us to reach out to one another, connects us to the suffering of others, cements our character, confirms we still…
Don't fear the chisel let God transform you

Don’t Fear the Chisel Part 2 Comfort

Our Comfort… Comfort can become a trap, where you view the outside world as scary and strange. Earthly comforts are not our calling. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:3-9 An Uncomfortable Lesson from the Eagles… She is making it uncomfortable for her eaglets so they will grow beyond the nest and fulfill the reason for which they were created. They were created experience the thrill of flight, the thrill of the hunt, and the thrill of creating their own nests. God does…

Get Comfort

Pastor Dwane Parsons shares a message ‘Get Comfort’. Music by iSing Worship used by persmission. All rights reserved. CCLI License Number 1001973. Click here for Sermon Manuscript