Sermons by Pastor Donna Schultz

Sermons by Pastor Donna Schultz

What Can I Do For You?

Pastor Donna Schultz shares a message “What Can I Do For You?” Worship with Eileen & Sharon as well as with Elisabeth, Cheryl, Brenda & Carrie. Scripture reading by the “A” team. Music taken from ising worship – all rights reserved. CCLI License # 1001973.

Treasures from 2020

Pastor Donna Schultz shares that although 2020 has had many challenges and difficulties, there are treasures to be found. These treasures will help us navigate the unknown of 2021. Streaming License through CCLI # 1001973.

Brotherly Kindness

Pastor Donna Schultz continues the sermon series on “The Godly Life” with Brotherly Kindness. “Soldier’s Cry” released Oct. 31, 2002, Copyright 2002 Roland Majeau. Live Stream license for music with CCLI #1001973.

Psalm 121

Join us for our Summer in the Psalms sermon series. Today Pastor Donna Schultz speaks on Psalm 121. Join us for worship with Daughters of the King, Elisabeth Calvert, Roxy Smith & Cheryl Dunn. Also, special guests Bob Barnes and Bonnie Wood share a testimony of God’s care and grace with us. Join us for our worship service.

Psalm 19

Join us for worship as Pastor Donna Schultz speaks on Psalm 19 in the “Summer in the Psalms” sermon series. Join Roxy Smith & Cheryl Dunn along with Elisabeth Calvert and Steve Clow for singing and Scripture reading by Shannon and Carrie.