Welcome to Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario.

At Grace Church we believe that knowing Jesus changes everything.

He offers us an invitation to join him on a path of radical transformation and the discovery of who we really are in him. We call this growing together in Kingdom potential.

Just like the mustard seed that holds so much capacity within itself for extraordinary growth, so also is the transforming power of the good news among those who are willing to cultivate a life with Jesus.

Together, as a hope-filled community of learners, we are discovering the power of God’s love, joy and peace in the midst of our broken and fragmented lives.

So whether you are just beginning to wrestle with the claims of Jesus or you have been on “the way” for some time, Grace Church is a caring place to discover the next steps toward your own potential in Christ.

Grace Church is affiliated with Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada

We follow the local Health Unit’s regulations for COVID-19.