"Christmas" Tagged Sermons

"Christmas" Tagged Sermons

Advent 4: Love Arrives

Advent 4: Love Arrives Hope Is an anchor for our soul, and that anchor is Jesus. God will keep his promises because he kept his promise when Jesus arrived.   Peace is offered to us at a great sacrifice, Jesus became our Emmanuel, God with us. The very presence of God is peace for us.   Joy arrives when Jesus arrives because He is our whole life. In Him we live and move and have our being. Joy is a…

Advent 2: Peace Arrives.

Finished with Peace Behold: The FINISHER! Peace is Hard to Find. It’s hard to find peace when there’s chaos or trouble all around you. Most of us understand that things like peace and freedom and harmony are precious and a gift from God. Also, most of us understand that precious things like peace are not cheap – they can be costly. Peace requires real work in a fallen, sinful world. Peace requires the work of God in our fallen, sinful…

Forever Aglow

Pastor Donna Schultz shares a message from the Advent series “Come Sit By The Fire”. Music is by iSing worship and is used by permission. All Rights Reserved. CCLI number 1001973.


John Buttigieg shares a message on the wisemen with us. The children present their Christmas Program. Join us for worship with Judy Chretien and her team. CCLI License number 1001973.

Hearts Ablaze

Pastor Donna Schultz continues the advent series “Come Sit By The Fire” with “Hearts Ablaze”. Join us for worship with Cheryl Dunn and her team. CCLI License number 1001973.