The Minor Prophets-Obadiah: Sins of the Brothers

The Minor Prophets-Obadiah: Sins of the Brothers

Get to Know Obadiah

Obadiah means “Servant of the Lord”.

A prophecy to Edom – Esau’s descendants.


Setting the Stage: Obadiah

The history of the conflict between Jacob & Esau, reason for the hostility. (Genesis 25:29-34)


God’s Story In Obadiah

Edom’s actions and God’s response. (Ob. 1:10-14)


Obadiah Speaks Today

The problem of pride. (Pr. 16:18-19, 8:13)

Edom’s biggest downfall was their pride and arrogance.

What did Jesus say about pride? (Lk. 18:14)

What does scripture tell us to do with pride? (Phil. 2:3)

The problem of schadenfreude. (Ob. 1:12, Pr. 24:17-18)

Edom rejoiced at watching their brothers Israel suffer.

They shared in the spoils and victimization of the children of Israel.

Edom’s behavior was profoundly offensive to God.

How do you treat your enemies? (Amos 5:11-15, 21-24)

What did Jesus say about schadenfreude? (Lk 6:27,28)

What did Jesus do for us? (Col. 1:21-22)

 The Day of the Lord (Ob. 1:18)

“There will be no survivors from the house of Esau.”

Obadiah’s warning to Edom is a warning us as well.

When we see others broken and struggling, God pays close attention to how we respond…

-Resist pride- pride blinds us to seeing the needs of others.

-Resist apathy- apathy robs us of agape love to help others.

-God has extended righteousness and justice to you. Share it with others.

Discussion Questions.

Share a funny story about how you got along with your siblings as a kid.

There is a saying, “All wars are civil because all men are brothers.” The story (and drama) between Edom and Jacob (Israel) goes back many generations. What are some generational “sins” that have followed through your family?

God shows, time and again, that while he is holy and righteous, he relents from sending calamity and is quick to forgive and turn from his anger. Who is God prompting you to forgive or reconcile with as He forgave you? Is there anyone the Holy Spirit is convicting you to change your attitude and behavior towards?

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