Minor Prophets: Micah: Back to Basics

Minor Prophets: Micah: Back to Basics

Micah: Back to the Basics

 Get To Know Micah.

Micah’s name means, “Who is like Yahweh?” He was an ordinary working-class guy who sympathized for the plight of the ordinary working-class people around him. A true prophet of God, he uncovered sin and pointed to the coming Messiah.

 Setting The Stage: Micah

Assyrian taxation, corrupt religion, apathy of the privileged.

 God’s Story In Micah.

Back to Bethlehem.

Back to Peace with God.

Back to Ethical Righteousness.

 Micah Speaks Today.

God calls US…

Back to Bethlehem.

Back to the Prince of Peace.

Back to ethical righteousness:

Act justly. Love Mercy. Walk humbly.

Discussion Questions

Share a funny memory where you got an “attitude adjustment” as a kid.

“Social Justice” has a bad rap among many Christians. Why? What could we be missing? (Read: Dt 15:7,11; Lev 23:22; Ps. 140:12, 1 Sam 58:6,7; Zech. 7:8-10; Mt. 11:5, 19:21)

Who or what are you racing back and forth hoping to save you or give you peace today? How is that working for you?

What would acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God look like for you day to day? What would you be doing?