Sermons on Together

Sermons on Together

Prayer: Why We Believe Better Than We Behave

Prayer: We Believe Better Than We Behave! John R. Mott & Jesus “More important than the most earnest thinking about a problem, more important than a personal interview to influence an individual, more important than addressing and swaying an audience – far more important than these and all other forms of activity is the act of coming into vital communion with God. It is indeed true that he that saves his time for prayer shall lose it. And he that…

The Way of Jesus – Part 6 – We’re all a mess

Pastor Dwane Parsons continues the sermon series on “The Way of Jesus” with Part 6 – We’re a Mess But At Least We’ve Got Each Other. Worship with Cheryl and her team. CCLI License number 1001973. Way of Jesus Part 6: We’re a Mess But At Least We’ve Got Each Other WOJ Recap #1. I have begun following Jesus, and am depending on the Spirit of Jesus in my journey. We are Christ followers on a journey. We rely on…

Work Produced by Faith

Join us for our Worship Service as Pastor Jeff Knott speaks on “Work Produced By Faith”. Worship songs provided by Cheryl Dunn and her team. Scripture reading by Wendy. CCLI License number 1001973.