Sermons on faithfulness

Sermons on faithfulness

Prayer Tune Into God

Prayer: Tune in To God! Have you ever noticed the way the disciples approached Christ in the Gospels and the way they approached Him in the book of Acts? For good reason, Jesus never acted on what they asked of Him. But when you turn to the book of Acts, you find a completely different focus in their lives and in their prayers. What made the difference? See: Acts 4:7-30 These men had an encounter with the risen victorious Christ.…

WHO’S YOUR DADDY Part-4   Pastor Dwane Parsons is continuing his sermon series  on “WHO’S YOUR DADDY” – PART-4 Worship with Cheryl Dunn and her team. CCLI License number 1001973

Forever Aglow

Pastor Donna Schultz shares a message from the Advent series “Come Sit By The Fire”. Music is by iSing worship and is used by permission. All Rights Reserved. CCLI number 1001973.