"hope" Tagged Sermons

"hope" Tagged Sermons

Special Guest Speaker: Judy Hodgins

Drug addiction to her son’s life. Cancer tried to take hers. But on the other side of grief, God had something wonderful in store….   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4gK9k-sXk&t=3s

The Minor Prophets: Zephaniah: The Day of the Lord! Finally

Get To Know Zephaniah The Lord hides” or “the Lord protects.” A descendant of Hezekiah, in the royal line. (ZEP 1:1) Israel by this time was wiped off the map by Assyria. He was a prophet to Judah, during the time of King Josiah. Setting The Stage: Zephaniah 2 Kings 21-23 – Manasseh’s legacy: Idolatry and violence. Manasseh’s son Amon was despicable and was assassinated after 2 years. King Josiah – One of the few Godly kings. God’s Story In…

Hope In The Midst Of Suffering

Hope in the Midst of Suffering People anchor their hope in all sorts of things, and when that hope is misplaced, stolen, or lost, it creates a vacuum. The absence of hope is evident in a loss of direction and despair. People who are hurting, particularly those who have struggled for years, believe that the future will be a continuation of the past. They cannot grasp that life can be richer and more meaningful than it has been. In contrast…

Good News from Golgotha – Our Only Hope

Good News from Golgotha – Our Only Hope is part of the Easter sermon series by Pastor Dwane Parsons. **The school system in a large city had a program to help children keep up with their school work during stays in the city’s hospitals. One day a teacher who was assigned to the program received a routine call asking her to visit a particular child named Joey. She took Joey’s room number and talked briefly with the child’s regular class…

Endurance Inspired by Hope

A Live stream of Pastor Jeff Knott’s final message as official pastor of Grace Church from 1 Thessalonians 1:3. It is an outdoor service, so we apologize for the poor sound quality.