Corinthian Commands 3: Be Men Of Courage!

Corinthian Commands 3: Be Men Of Courage!

1Co 16:13,14 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.

 The Problem Of Modern Man…

 True Manliness: Surrender and Follow Christ

True manliness develops by being transformed into the image of the Son of Man. (2Corinthians 3 v18, 5 v17.)

 Stop conforming to the world’s mold and aim for something – SOMEONE – higher. (Romans 12 v2)

 ABC’s of Courage

Always Attentive: (Ezekiel 3 v17, Ephesians 5 v17, Hebrews 5 v13-14, Psalm 144 v1-2, John 12 v46)

Watcher on the wall – vigilant.

Attentiveness = confidence = training.

 Brazen Bravery: (Romans 5 v8)

People who run in when everyone else was running away.

Courageous Conviction: (Hebrews 12 v2-3)

Courageous conviction is a commitment to something outside of you, higher than yourself.

 True Manliness Comes From The Courageous Pursuit Of Christ.