The Time is Near

Pastor Jeff Knott begins the sermon series on the book of Revelation with “The Time is Near”:

“Revelation is a profound call to a radical discipleship.”

“It tells us where history is heading.”

“How do we understand it? How do we apply it to our lives?”

“Revelation is just as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded.”

“The temptation to compromise is the same as it was back then. The battle that rages for the souls of humanity is the same. Revelation was written for just such a time.”

“Eugene Petersen calls Revelation ‘God’s famous last words.'”

“The opening verse of Revelation 1:1 tells us how to respond.”

“Our first response is a sense of urgency because these things must take place soon. It is not a nervous panic; it is a ready preparedness.”

“We know what’s going to happen.”

“You can be ready today and you can help someone else be ready.”

“Lift up your head because your redemption is near.”

‘Urgency is a positive thing – the time is near.”

“How do we understand the time is near when so much time has passed? The time is near because the King is near.”

“We’re not waiting for the end times to happen, we’re already living in the end times.”

“Those who are paying attention have always lived with a sense of urgency that Christ could come back at any time. That’s an important posture of our heart.”

“Repent and believe; live differently in light of this truth.”

“The beginning of the end began when Jesus came. The King came near so the King already is near. He’s near today.”

“Revelation tells the story of Christmas because Christmas marks the beginning of the end.”

“Because the King is near so is the time when He reconciles all things.”

“Our second response is expectancy. We should expect God to speak to us in this book.”

“There are seven blessings in the book of Revelation. Seven means completeness.”

“Blessing for those who hear and heed the word. The Hebrew word for hear is obey. There is blessing for the one who takes what is heard and puts it into action.”

“My biggest concern for you as a pastor is that you will overcome; in the days ahead that you will stand for the Lord and not be sucked into where the world wants to take us.”

“The word Revelation means to uncover. God is going to uncover His future plan for us. He has won the battle, He is winning the battle, and, He will win it to completeness one day.”

“What a blessing to know that overcoming is over destiny and our reward.”

“Our third response is wonder and worship. Wonder and worship should be the way we read this book.”

“Jesus says that He is the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end – this is stated seven times in Revelation. Seven is the number of perfection.”

“He is before all things and He will bring all things to a final conclusion.”

“He holds all things in His might; whatever happens we are on the side of life.”

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