One Like the Son of Man

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on the book of Revelation: The Time is Near with “One Like the Son of Man”:

“Christ must be kept at the centre of our understanding of Revelation.”

“Christ needs to be at the centre of our reading of the Scriptures; you need to find Christ on every page.”

“Revelation chapter 1 gives us the first compelling vision of Jesus.”

“Revelation was written in A.D. 96. John is the author of the Gospel of John and the books of John. He is 85 and on the island of Patmos which is a rock quarry for the Romans.”

“He is on the island because of the testimony of Jesus. John is in exile.”

“Revelation is the beginning of the unveiling of what is happening behind the scenes. John is a pastor and is concerned with the state of the church. What’s going to happen to the beloved? He is concerned with the power and lure of Rome. Will Rome kill or corrupt his dear children? It’s into this concern that the Lord speaks to him and shows him what’s really going on behind the scenes.”

“It’s always been present in the world – the war between good and evil; conflict has been happening since Satan rebelled in heaven and since our first parents rebelled against God.”

“God is giving us hope for the future in the book of Revelation.”

“Did you know that Revelation has five hundred illusions or quotations from the Old Testament? Daniel is one of these inspirations for John.”

“One like the Son of Man – He is both God and Man.”

“Jesus is wearing the robe of a priest. Jesus is our great High Priest; he is the best bridge-builder. Being both God and Man, He can span the distance between us and the divine.”

“The Son of Man is the same as the Ancient of Days.”

“His hair is white as wool. White represents the forgiveness that is offered to you and I. Isaiah says, ““Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be aswhite as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

“His eyes are like blazing fire. He is pure and purifying. You can’t hide from Jesus’ eyes, He sees all things.”

“His feet are like a bronze glowing in the furnace. Jesus’ feet are a lasting foundation.”

“His voice is powerful and strong.”

“In His right hand He holds the seven stars which represented the solar system. Jesus commands the destiny of the cosmos.”

“Out of His mouth came a double-edged sword which speaks of judgement.”

“His face is shining in all its brilliance.”

“What a picture of Christ!”

“The grace of Jesus is standing with John with His right hand on John to give him authority and comfort.”

“Do not be afraid of what you’re experiencing in the present, but look behind the scenes to what God is doing.”

“The book of Revelation has to be read as a book of encouragement – things are not as they seem.”

“It seems like evil is winning, but Revelation tells us there’s One behind the veil who has the power over every form of death.”‘

“There is no reason to fear in this world when we have Jesus beside us. Let’s decide to give up fear because we are alive in Him forevermore.”

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