Mary’s Song

Pastor Jeff Knott begins the Advent season with “Mary’s Song”:

“What does it tell us about Mary? Mary is a devout girl.”

“Character doesn’t happen miraculously, it’s cultivated.”

“Mary has absolute trust in God; she has absolute faith in her Son and what He came to do.”

“Faith is the womb of the miraculous. Nothing is impossible with God.”

“Mary knows her Scriptures. There are twelve Old Testament passages alluded to in her song.”

“What does her song tell us about God? He is our Saviour; He is the mighty one; He is merciful in remembering His people and His promises to them.”

“God is going to reorder the world through this Child. What Mary is doing is redescribing the world as God intended from the beginning.”

“That perfect fellowship of “with”; to be with us. Father, Son and Spirit are with each other eternally. He invites all of us to be with Him. He is the source of our life.”

“In the kingdom low is high and high is low; empty is full and full is empty; dead is alive and alive is dead; last is first and first is last; sad is happy and happy is sad; losing is saving and saving is losing; rejection is exaltation and exaltation is rejection; unclean is clean and clean is unclean; sinners are favoured and the unfavoured are righteous. That’s our God. That’s the reversal of things.”

“What does her song speak to us? We can live as hopeful people with a message and a song of redemption and salvation.”

“Mary’s message is our message to the world. It is a message of the greatness of our God. We are good news to this community.”

“Anchor this season in Mary’s Song.”

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