Look! A Throne

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “Look! A Throne”:

“If you get nothing from Revelation know that there’s a throne.”

“It’s an imperative, ‘Look!’ The command to look is the most repeated command in Revelation. The second is fear not. When we look we are no longer afraid because when you and I see from heaven’s vantage point, we gain a perspective that changes everything.”

“Revelation shows us that things are not what they seem.”

“We’re always looking to something, we’re always listening for something. It matters, rather, what you’re looking at and what you’re listening to.”

“Your body always follows your eyes, it’s instinctual. We travel in the direction of our eyes. It’s not only true of the physical, it’s also true of the spiritual. The Bible says, ‘Fix your eyes on Jesus’. Why? Because that’s the direction we want to go.”

“Look! There’s a throne and it’s not empty, there’s Someone sitting on it.”

“Don’t allow the chaos and the craziness of our world rob you of the truth that God is the ruler yet and He’s in control.”

“We need to be more heavenly minded to see things as they really are.”

“He’s almighty – He’s ALL THE TIME MIGHTY. All the time in all circumstances, in all difficulties, in all challenges, in all ups, in all downs, in the valleys and the mountaintops. God is ALMIGHTY – the resurrection proves that!”

“You are worthy, O Lord – meaning that everything owes its existence to God. He’s in control of the whole world.”

‘Evil can strut on the stage of history only as ling as the Ancient of Days on the throne allows.’ Thomas Torrence

“One day what is true in heaven will be true on earth.”

“Easter is a day of hope because if God can raise the dead, God can make all things new and we’re waiting, we’re living in that in-between time.”

“Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that every injustice will be answered, every pain will be healed and every tear will be wiped away. Hallejuah! Because of Easter, because we serve a God who raises the dead. The One who is enthroned on the throne right now and He’s ruling and reigning.”

“In the throne room there is no threat, there is no enemy. In the prayer closet there is perfect peace, a peace that passes understanding.”

“Before the throne of God there is no ripple in the water, there is no challenge to you because of the throne.”

“God has silenced and answered all those things and though we may not see it yet, He will do it.”

“Jesus said, ‘In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.'”

“There is a throne and it’s a place of peace and it’s a place of fullness and it’s a place that you have access to right now.”

“What are you looking at? Is your vision on heavenly things? Change your prescription and see the world as He sees it.”

“John’s command to us is to look and see.”

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