Intercessory Prayer

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on Prayer with Intercessory Prayer – exploring the prayer of Moses. Excerpts from the sermon:

“There are people sitting in church that are captive – Christ came to set us free.”

“It’s time to say to the Pharoahs that dominate this place, “Let my people go!'”

“People are captive everywhere.”

“Remember who called us – the Great I AM!”

“We’re abundantly blessed with every spiritual blessing.”

“Intercessory prayer is pleading the case of another; it’s standing in the gap between God and the person and saying, “God, would You work in this person’s life?'”

“Watch boredom – you’ll find yourself sinning if you get too bored.”

“God wants us to wrestle with Him about the state of our world, about the state of our loved ones.”

“Do we really love these people – will you go to the mat for them?”

“Are we indifferent to the people on our street?”

“God’s more willing to forgive than to judge.”

“Pledge to pray. Commit to the prayer of intercession.”

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