Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Fruit of the Spirit with “Goodness”:

“Wouldn’t you like to say that in 100% of the time that love and joy and peace and patience were part of your being?”

“All these terms – love, joy, peace – what do they mean? Because our world defines them one way, but the Bible looks at them from a different point of view.”

“Good in our society has been reduced to what is legal. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s good.”

“Goodness is based on God’s own character.”

“Good is found first and foremost in the person of God. He is good and what He does is good and He can do no other.”

“If you experienced a wrong, know that the goodness of God is bigger than that wrong because God is good and He doesn’t waste anything and He can redeem everything.”

“You and I are not capable of good apart from God. Apart from Him we cannot live out our true purpose in God.”

“No, we are not saved by our works, but we are saved in order to do good works to share in God’s good in this world.”

“It seemed like such an insignificant, stupid thing for a peasant man to die on a cross, but didn’t it change history? Didn’t it become the centre of history? Didn’t it become the centre of our faith and of our eternal salvation?”

“Do not despise the little thing you do. You can overcome evil with good. It begins to unravel what the enemy intended.”

“The power of God is in the simple act of kindness and goodness.”

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