Faithful Presence – Part 2

Pastor Jeff Knott continues Living a Life of Faithful Presence:

“You can live in a community and never know what’s going on in your neighbourhood.”

“We can live above place.”

“God has called His church, His people, to live as a faithful presence in a place.”

“We are meant to be with others.”

“There will never be a time when I am not with; you are never ever alone.”

“Whether you live or whether you die, you are in the Lord .. that’s a comforting truth.”

“Some believe that this word is the most important word in all of Holy Scripture, the word with because it describes and captures God’s intent from the beginning.”

“It is our destiny to be with Him.”

“We are to love God from the inside out … love God with our whole being.”

“You want to figure out God’s will for your life, it’s simply this – love God and love others.”

“To whom must I become a neighbour? Am I a neighbour to those who come across my path? Am I willing to love them as I love God?”

“The kingdom of God is present when you are loving God and loving neighbour.”

“I am convinced that our lot as a church is tied up in the lot of this community … That the future of this community is tied up into our own future; we have to see it as our place to care for.”

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