Do Not Be Afraid

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “Do Not Be Afraid”:

“The letter to the church in Smryna is Christ’s encouragement in times of pressure.”

“Angels are ministering spirits. Some are assigned to specific churches.”

“We have a spiritual counterpart represented in the heavenly realms.”

“Revelation expands our imagination.”

“There’s something more going on around us that is functioning for our benefit.”

“Things are not as they seem.”

“There is a small ‘r’ reality what we see with the natural eye, but there’s another reality. It’s a capital ‘R’ reality which is a view of life from God’s view. It takes in the natural world, but also takes in the spiritual dynamics that are working behind the scenes that includes angels.”

“God has put in place levels and layers of protection and blessing that transcend our earthly existence and stretch all the way up into the celestial life. Beyond what we see there is another layer of activity for our benefit.”

“It’s a wonderful idea to see your life bracketed in Christ; He’s the first and the last. Whatever happens in life, wherever history takes you, Jesus is the first word over who you are and He will be the last word of what is to come over your life.”

“There is no other victor like our God and we are found in that victory.”

“There’s a spiritual richness about our faith regardless of how much pressure is around us and what the world takes away from us; they can’t take away what’s most important and that’s all that we have in Christ Jesus.”

“Whatever you’ve given up to serve God, nothing compares to what God has planned for you and I, not only in this life,but in the life to come.”

“Don’t be afraid no matter what you’re experiencing. You are going to be tested, even so it’s not the time to fear – it’s a time for faith. It’s a time to trust God, to be faithful, He says, even to the point of death.”

“Put your complete trust in Him for your body and soul.”

“No matter how great the opposition, my encouragement to you is that God can be trusted.”

“Remain steadfast in your faith; remain faithful to what God has called you to do.”

“I really think that God is allowing the pressure in our church and in our community and across our country to actually make people move out of being nominal Christians to the point where peole have to stand out and say, ‘Yes, I’m a believer in Jesus.'”

“He’s drawing His church out of the world to follow Him.”

“Maintain your integrity in Him by not bowing to the pressure. Remain solid in your faith and become bolder in your faith.”

“Religious freedom can become an idol. You do not need religious freedom to be a Christian.”

“If religious freedom goes out the door, we’ll just shine all the brighter.”

“You can love the things of God and never love God.”

“The early church did not enjoy the status, they not only survived, they thrived.”

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