Prayer is Altaring

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Prayer with “Prayer is Altaring”:

“Everybody needs Jesus.”

“When you’re praying with others is the only time it’s okay to eavesdrop.”

“Prayer is giving an honest and humble expression to what’s in your heart.”

“People in the Bible can be our mentors in prayer.”

“Altars represent places of encounter, places of intercession, places of forgiveness and restoration, places of sacrifices where sins were forgiven and people of God are brought back into fellowship with Him.”

“There is an heightening of revelation and an increase of God’s disclosure.”

“As we follow the Lord, as we obey the Lord, He gives us more.”

“Only as you and I get up and move into what God says to us in prayer that the doors open to greater possibilities.”

“Only in intentional prayer and follow through do the doors open.”

“Faith is the key – the kind of faith that takes God at His Word.”

“Acting in faith will always bring increase to your life.”

“Faith always includes action; it always includes increase.”

“Prayer is God’s way of changing the circumstances by first changing you.”

“Seeding the ground for victory.”

“We can prepare a revival in prayer; we can prepare transformation in prayer.”

“Do you believe that the prayer of one generation can lay the formation for the next generation to build on?”

“You can begin to seed the ground for victory for your family and for your grandkids.”

“Altaring is a faith response; altaring is claiming the promises of God; altaring brings challenge.”

“The promise of God always comes in the midst of struggle.”

“There will be a fight; there will be a struggle. But God is our divine warrior. Greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world.”

“Know this – God’s promises are still true. He who began a good work in you will complete it.”

“Keep that dream alive even when it becomes a nightmare. It looks like a nightmare, but look to Him and trust His outcomes.”

“Lay hold on God’s destiny for ourselves, for our church and for our community.”

“Our altars are made of broken things, sometimes those broken things are us. Bring that to the Lord.”

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