Wise and Foolish

Wise and Foolish

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series “parables: secrets of the kingdom of heaven” with “Wise and Foolish”:

Faithfully hearing is building on a particular foundation.

Matthew 5:1 to Matthew 7:29 is a discourse on discipleship.

Even though these expectations exceed our grasp, know that the Kingdom is one of grace and forgiveness. There’s lots of margin in the Kingdom of God for us to find our way and to become like Jesus.

The secret of the Kingdom really is that when we love our enemy, when we go the extra mile, when we turn the other cheek, we are transformed in the process.

From heaven’s perspective that’s what wisdom looks like – to do the words of Jesus.

The storm that Jesus is talking about is actually final judgement.

Those who fail to do what Jesus says are foolish, and, in the end suffer total collapse.

Jesus is the Rock we stand on in the midst of life’s difficulties.

This parable is really about a lifestyle of hearing without doing that ultimately leads to destruction, it leads to judgment.

God’s judgment and His love are not in opposition to each other – there is judgement because there is love.

In God’s desire to restore the world, He has to deal with evil and that means judgement. He has to deal with that which is not in line with His will in this world.

Faith without works is foolish. Our works show that we are saved.

In light of what Christ has done for us, the gospel calls us to walk in His steps – calls us to obedience.

The secret of the Kingdom is that the revolution has already begun. God has already begun this transformation of the world. When Jesus walked this earth and He said, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is here,” that’s when the revolution began. And it continues through you and I.

We are invited to use our choices and our commitments and our spirit-empowered wills to join Him in the remaking of the world. We are good news to the world.

He takes people like us, infuses His Spirit with our spirit, changes our character and we become light, we become salt, we become that city on a hill that the world looks to and finds in us Jesus who is that Light, who is that Bread, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

To live outside of Christ is foolish and self-destructive, but to follow the way of Christ leads to life and leads to everlasting life.