Why We’re Here

Why We’re Here

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series “Life Without Lack” with “Why We’re Here”:

Jesus is the only One who has fully lived Psalm 23. He is our guide; He is our example; He is the One we follow.

Who is our Shepherd? What’s He like? Can we trust Him? Yes we can!

Why does He want to be our Shepherd? What makes us so valuable?

God’s reason for creating us is that we would rule the earth. And that rule is actually the word dominion. The same dominion that God wants from sea to sea, He wants humanity to share that dominion with Him, to benefit creation because God created a good earth and we’re supposed to be good within creation. We are allowed to make creation flourish in all the ways it was meant to flourish.

We were meant to rule the earth for its good. It was made in a goodly way and it was to be governed in a goodly way.

What sets humans apart to steward the earth? It fell to us because we were created to be different – different than anything else in all creation.

We are living beings with spiritual capacity and that’s what makes us unique. No other creature can claim that.

We are spirit-infused beings and that makes us different, that makes us valuable.

Humans are the only ones that can be said to be made in the image of God and that means we are like God in many ways.

He’s taken His thumb print and put it on our lives.

In being created in our uniqueness as image bearers it allows us to be co-creators with God because we have the power to steward the good, we have the power, the privilege and the responsibility to care for this earth. We make something of this world.

The voice of the Shepherd invites us into the more – a life without lack.

The Lord is zealous that you flourish in all that you are designed to excel in – the good that you are called to do in this world.