Twin Passages

Twin Passages

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on “God Wants Us to Have a Sabbath Heart” with “Twin Passages”:

In the book of Exodus, Sabbath is grounded in God’s activity of creation, but in Deuteronomy Sabbath is grounded in God’s action of liberation from Egypt.

There are two different foundations for the Sabbath commandment: Sabbath based on Creation and Sabbath based on liberation.

Why does God set the pattern for work and rest? He does this for us.

All the doing, all the striving, all the progress – what you have is a bunch of burned out and broken people; our busyness is consuming us.

God knows what we need, we need to cease and be refreshed.

God instituted Sabbath as a way of getting us restored again.

Mark Buchanan says it this way, “We mimic God in order to remember that we’re not God.”

The reason I need rest is because I can’t keep going; I do need to stop and rest.

Adam and Eve were created on the sixth day – they rested first then worked. They started from a place of rest.

We’re always resting from our work, where God’s way is to work from our rest. We have it backwards.

The Lord is a warrior and He fought for the Israelites. After He rescued them from Egypt, the Lord set some boundaries for their life together as a people. The ten words or commandments were given to guide them as a nation.

The Lord says, “You are free. I have bought and paid for you, I have won the battle and now I want you to stop and have a break.”

All Egypt cared about was production, but the Lord cares about people.

The gods of our culture even today who are calling for more consumption, more busyness, more productivity so that you can have more and more and more. But there’s a cost to that and the cost is our very lives, it’s our very souls.

God has drowned our taskmasters. We’re no long part of that system.

When you forget you were a slave to the system, you gradually get back into the system again.

If you have a voice that tells you, “More bricks, do more, go, go, go, go” – remember they are all lies.

Remember the Lord has fought for you. He commands you to rest and He even sets the example for rest.

You can stop. God has given you permission to rest.