Touching God’s Heart

Touching God’s Heart

Susan Millman of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario shares “Touching God’s Heart”:

The importance of obedience and walking in God’s will connected to our eternity.

When we hold up to the Lord, “We’ve done this and we’ve done this and we’ve done this … so shouldn’t I have a pathway to heaven, shouldn’t I escape all the difficulties that I’m in?” But that’s not what Scripture says. It says that we come to Jesus. Salvation is not a thing.

We can lose our passion for God by going under the law.

Walking out of God’s love to do things, to serve the Lord out of His love, that anything we do must come out of His love.

God’s love – obedience connected to His love, His love connected to obedience, His love connected to loving one another.

Salvation is not a thing, it’s a relationship with the living God. It’s putting our faith in God. Evidence of that faith will be obedience, but it’s out of love. I delight to do my Father’s will.

And I know what happens when you do His will – there’s joy and joy and joy!

It doesn’t mean it’s easy, at times it will be difficult, but God promises to go through them with us.

God’s Kingdom is not democratic, it’s God-cratic – He is the Boss of our kingdom.

Nobody else but us, ourselves, can separate us from an eternity with God. The way we came into the Lord, into faith, is what keeps us on the journey. It’s called The Way in the Bible. The Way, not a destination, not “I’ve arrived”, it’s the way we endure to the end.

The way we endure to the end is in the relationship with Jesus. He lives His life in us through the power of the Holy Spirit.