The Voice of Apathy

The Voice of Apathy

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series Hannah’s Heart: A Longing for God with “The Voice of Apathy”:

Many of us fall into sin, but nobody falls into holiness, nobody stumbles into a godly relationship… we don’t become faithful people by mistake.

Hannah’s heart is formed in a certain way because she has made certain choices along the way. One of the choices is the voices she allows to shape her life; she has become a discriminating listener.

As a church, I want to challenge us in 2019 to move beyond the status quo.

Hannah had a choice to become a servant of what was or become a shaper of what could be.

Fear never leads to fulfillment … it’s only ever a dead end.

Remember is a salvation word.

The Lord Almighty literally means Yahweh of hosts.

Did you know that Hannah is the first person in the Bible to address the Lord in this way?

Her pain, her turmoil has made her a theologian.

God uses our struggles to refine us. The trials that we undergo force us to weed out false notions of God. They force us to examine our own belief. They help us question, “Do we really believe that God is this good?” or do we have some conception of God that is different than what He really is.

Find people who know the Lord Almighty. Those people know what God is up to in the world and they’re willing to join Him.

All knowledge of God is experiential.

Hannah in faith freely gives away her son to the Lord and the Lord’s service and in doing so, gains everything.

The danger of being religious is that we can presume that because we are religious we are right with God.

It matters little if you are rigorous in your religiousity; it matters little if you are dedicated to discipleship; it matters little if you are sacrificial in your service if you’re not pursuing a loving union with the Lord.

That’s complacency – being quick to offer justifications or reasons for our actions, but no repentance.

John Wesley said, “The body and soul make a man, but the Spirit and discipline make a Christian.”

You have to work at being a Christian if you want to grow in spiritual things. The Bible is not opposed to effort. It is opposed to earning – you can’t earn your salvation. But you can show some effort. You can strive, keep the zeal for the Lord and grown in Him.