The Truth about Christmas

The Truth about Christmas

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario begins the Advent season with “The Truth about Christmas”:

“For this reason I was born” – Jesus to Pilate.

We celebrate the grace of God at Christmas which is the undeserved kindness of our God that brought salvation to humanity in the person of Jesus Christ.

We need grace and we need truth because if all we have is grace, we will have an unbalanced view of reality, but we also need to hear the truth.

God desires truth in the innermost parts.

Only Jesus is the Way back to the Father; only Jesus reveals the Truth about the Father; only Jesus gives us the Life of the Father.

He is not a way to follow; He is not a truth to embrace; He is not a life to explore as if He is one of many options to pick from. He is THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life.

By taking on mortality, Jesus has raised us mortals to immortality.

Let’s never lose the Scriptures as the foundation of Truth.

If the Truth is what sets us free, we can also say by implication that what keeps people captive, what keeps people blind and poor and oppressed must be the opposite of Truth. Do you know someone who is captive to a lie?

For John Truth is that which corresponds to and is aligned with Reality. Truth as God sees it – God’s Reality. God is the only One who sees the world in a correct way. That’s big R Reality, whereas you and I are subject to a small r reality. Human truth is often distorted because of the fall.

“They exchanged the Truth of God for a lie” is from Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

A war is being waged over the Truth.

We can have Truth in our innermost being because the Spirit comes to dwell within us. We can have Truth within us. The Spirit will share with us God’s Reality.

We can know the true Truth by the Spirit of God.

The very Truth of God – Truth itself – is standing before Pilate and all he can do is offer a dismissive “What is truth?” and he’s done with Jesus.

The trial regarding the Truth is still happening today. People are still having to make up their minds about what to do with Jesus.

The Christmas season is probably the most prominent time of year when the story of Jesus is actually on display.

The advent season affords us a wonderful opportunity to share the Truth.

The reason Jesus was born was to testify to the Truth. The reason for Christmas is so that the Truth may be revealed and known.

Shouldn’t the followers of Jesus also be sharing the Truth particularly at Christmas time? Have the Truth of Jesus at the forefront of all your activities, so that when given the opportunity you can live and tell the story of the Truth.