The Quest

The Quest

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario begins a sermon series through Jeremiah – Run with Horses with “The Quest”:

The longing for safe has undoubtedly made its way into our spiritual journey. Better the safe confines of a faith that we can manage. We love a safe faith.

We may have a God in our head that exists for our comfort. He’s simply there to make you happy and wealthy and prosperous and healthy, but that’s a god of your own making, not the God of the Bible.

Instead of fighting for safety, I think we need to invite the challenge and danger that is actually inherent in life because risk is a true assessment of life and because it summons the best part of ourselves to the fore.

It’s only in the difficult places of life that we actually find what we’re made of; it’s only in risk that growth actually takes place.

Risk trap – if you find yourself in a risky situation and you freeze.

Jeremiah is a flesh and blood person like us. Sometimes we glorify the people in the Bible, but we’re not meant to. That’s not the problem because the Bible was written that way, it’s the way we read it, and the way we like to make celebrities of people. The Bible does not promote hero worship. It tells us real stories about real people, warts and all.

Jeremiah’s life is hard and he’s not beyond discouragement.

The foundation of that call is on all of our lives – to live life at it’s best, to pursue more.

Let’s strive for something more.

Don’t slow down now, speed up, ramp up, expect more, believe more, strive for more because God is a God of abundance and He is a God of provision and He will provide. He will provide for you and I as individuals and for us as a church and for the community.

God has so much more for us.