The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “The Phantom Menace”:

“Teaching that moves us away from Jesus … they come to us like a lamb.”

“The measure of all thought on God is the story that these Scriptures tell.”

“Take every thought captive to Christ – say to yourself “Is this forming me into the image of Christ?”

“To diminish our ability to see Jesus clearly, that’s the work of the enemy.”

“666 is the number of man. We are incomplete when we are outside of God. Man is completely uncomplete. Apart from God we are lost; we are totally undone.”

“Is your life marked by love for God, love for neighbour, love for Jesus?”

“We know how the phantom menace works in the world. What are you marked by? Are we compelled by the purity and fire of Christ’s love?”