The Faith of Sufficiency

The Faith of Sufficiency

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the Sermon Series on “Life Without Lack” on Psalm 23 with “The Faith of Sufficiency”:

Every week seems to be filled with challenges to the belief that God is all-sufficient. Can we trust God? Is He really as good as He says He is? Is He all-sufficient?

How do we fully and completely experience the sufficiency of God? There are three interrelated but separate realities that need to be at work in us: Faith; Death to Self; and, Agape Love.

Faith is the key to unlock the capacity to receive all that God has for us.

Jesus said, “Everything is possible for the one who believes.”

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

There are two aspects that make up faith. First is Vision which is the ability to see reality as it is or the way it could be. Second is Desire which is wanting that reality or hoping that it becomes so.

When Vision and Desire are present, we are exercising our faith. When this faith is directed toward a God who is all-sufficient, Jesus tells us everything is possible for that person who believes.

The transformation of our faith can be found in the life of Job. Job moves through three stages of faith: the faith of propriety, the faith of desperation and the faith of sufficiency.

The faith of propriety is thinking the blessing of God is tied to doing everything right. It’s being perfectly religious and you will get God’s blessing.

What was at the heart of Job’s fear? That he would lose the blessing of God. Yes, he had faith, but it was mixed with fear and a lack of peace. That’s not “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.” That’s “The Lord is my Shepherd as long as I have my stuff.”

Job learns that the blessing of God goes far beyond failure, disappointment and tragedy. Because of his predicament, Job’s faith moves from a faith of propriety to a faith of desperation.

Job gets into this state of mind that says, “No matter what happens I will trust God.”  He says, “Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him.”

The faith of desperation is the kind of faith we need when that which can be shaken is being shaken.

Be encouraged because God is the God of an unshakeable Kingdom and if you have entered that Kingdom through faith in Christ, you are unshakeable. He cannot be moved and when the dust settles all that belongs to Christ will remain and you will remain in Him.

Job has let go of the desperation and embraced Yahweh, his Lord, the all-sufficient One.

He says, “I see You and know You as the sufficient One.”

His relationship with God became less about blessing and more about the One who blesses.

So, wherever you find your faith today, keep seeking the Lord.

God wants to grow you in all your areas of trust. He loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us there.

He allows difficult things to happen so our faith will grow. We need that vision, we need that constant desire to see Him at work in our lives.

Faith of sufficiency is one of the foundations of a life without lack.

Keep seeking the Lord, keep trusting, keep holding on. Get to that place of rest and relinquishing the despair and the desperation and know that He cares for you.

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