The Deaf Hearts

The Deaf Hearts

Pastor Donna Schultz of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series “parables: secrets to the kingdom of heaven” with “The Deaf Hearts”:

These two boys had hearts that couldn’t hear or didn’t want to hear what the Father might say to them.

How much more our heavenly Father has not forgotten our children and He lovingly waits for their return.

Somehow the older son had not heard the heart of the Father.

They had their methods down pat, but somehow they weren’t really hearing the Father’s love for them and the fellowship He longed to have with them.

We may know that Someone is speaking, but we’re not really listening and comprehending to what the Father says.

You and I are there at different times; you and I make decisions before going to the Father and saying, “Lord, how shall I handle this, what would be best?” Instead we will go ahead and do something else, just like the son goes ahead and thinks he knows what is best for himself. We sometimes are hard of hearing.

We may not be prodigals, but we’re not listening like the younger son.

Do you really know the Father’s heart?

Only God knows what’s good and bad for us; He makes that decision and we need a listening heart to comprehend.

Know that God’s heart for you is to be with you that you may know His heart and then you can walk knowing that He knows what is best.