The Armour of God

The Armour of God

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series “Clothed: Put on the Full Armour of God” with “The Armour of God”:

Safety first. Satan is toxic waste, a poisonous substance. We need to protect ourselves against him.

Satan is a threat to the safety of our lives. We need to clothe ourselves with the armour of God.

Truth is foundational to our readiness.

God is truth – He is the external foundation of what is truth.

We find truth in the gospel. The gospel is the word of truth. The revelation of God and His redeeming love – that’s the truth.

Jesus is truth – He said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

All truth is God’s truth, all truths answer to Him.

Live truthfully, live lives of sincerity, lives of integrity.

The belt of truth is also a virtue that we practice – live honestly, that will protect us from the schemes of the enemy.

The light in us will cause his darkness to flee.

There is a dual nature to truth – it’s something that God is and possesses and it’s something that we practice.

There’s a righteousness that becomes ours because of what Christ has done.

Justification – as a Christian, God looks at me just as if I’d never sinned. We are in right relationship with God.

You don’t need to stand before God as a stranger because He’s made us family. You don’t need to worry about rejection because in Him you’re always welcome. You don’t need to fear condemnation because you are eternally accepted in Him. You don’t need to labour under the burden of guilt because you are forgiven; His forgiveness is big enough for every mistake.

Our part is to live out righteousness.

There is a character that belongs to the justified life and it’s a defense against the strategies of the enemy.

There is no greater spiritual weapon than a godly life.

Gospel boots – feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace.

The gospel of peace has given us a firm footing from which to stand – we’re prepared to stand. Feet fitted with a readiness to stand firm.

Shield of faith that extinguishes the flaming arrows of the enemy – everything he does is burning with falsehood and deception.

What faith does, it doesn’t just stop them, it extinguishes them.

Faith has the ability to rob lies of their power to harm you.

Keep your shield up, keep believing in the promises of God, they will keep you safe.

No weapon formed against you will prosper.

The  helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit – we take these up or receive them, they come to us as a gift. We have a part to play in making them effective in our lives.

In our thinking, whatever happens in this age or in this current battle, we have a glorious future.

We have to work out our salvation.

The sword of the Spirit – it refers to a little sword – that one that’s used for up close and personal combat.

Jesus answers the devil with Scripture.

Make Bible reading a regular part of your life – it will build you up.

God can’t bring to mind something you have never put there.

Receive the sword of the Spirit – eat this book, so that He can bring it to mind.

We need that spiritual PPE to protect us.

The battle is real and the armour is real. The armour will protect us.

Have you put on your armour or have you left yourself exposed?