Take and Write

Take and Write

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues “Run With Horses: A Sermon Series Through Jeremiah” with “Take and Write”:

What is it that makes people people? What is it that sets us apart from any other species? People live their lives inside stories. We daydream all day long.

Jeremiah was reminded of what God had done in the past and that catapulted him into thinking about what God wanted to do in the future.

Obedience isn’t a have to; obedience in the Christian life is a want to.

When you’re in obedience to God and loving Him with a pure heart of devotion and every intention of your life is toward Him, it’s like an umbrella where underneath that umbrella you have God’s blessing and provision; you have His power and His grace because you stay underneath His umbrella of blessing. But when you step out from underneath that blessing, out from underneath that covering of obedience then you’re going to get wet. And you’re not going to get wet because God is against you, you’re going to get wet because you have stepped out of obedience to God.

That’s why Christianity is actually the only world religion in the full sense because the story of Jesus has been translated from nation to nation to nation. You can hear the story of Jesus in most nations of the world today because it’s been translated, because it was written down in words and a story could be told in a different place so the people could hear it. Why did God want the people to hear the story of His redemption and His love? So that they would turn and He would forgive. This is God’s end game.

Rut stories keep us stuck in the same old track and they kill our spirit. River stories move us forward and offer us a world of possibility. You are carried along into something marvellous.

I declare to you today that the greatest river story ever told is the story of Jesus of Nazereth. He embodies for us what it is to be truly human and wholly God. He is our destiny; He is our goal; He is our prize, the reason for everything and our all in all.

When you’re living the story of Jesus, you’re living life at it’s best.

We’re invited into this story – there’s room in the story for us.

We don’t add God’s story to our story; we put our story in the midst of His story because that’s the only story that ends well.

We need a story to get us home. We need a story to get us out of our predicament and into the place where we were always intended to be and that’s home.

Our lives really aren’t at home unless we are in God living that story.