Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series, “The Joseph Stories: God’s Purposes in a Dysfunctional World” with “Prosper”:

God’s purpose in this world is to bless us. God’s desire to prosper means that your setting does not dictate your level of flourishing. Our blessing is not context-specific. Our blessing is a rightful inheritance of what we have in Christ. The level of flourishing has nothing to do with circumstances.

Joseph starts Genesis 39 as a slave and he ends as a prisoner, but what do you notice? The Lord is with him and he is prospering wherever he is.

The only constant in our life is the presence of God and His promise of blessing. Our part is to cultivate His presence and to practice His presence so that we know who is with us, know who we are in Him and know the prosperity that really is ours.

Our prosperity should point to God.

My prosperity in the Christian faith does not end up being about me. It’s not what I receive; what really matters is the renown of God’s name, what really matters is the glory of God in our lives.

Our lives are meant to point to Him. Our lives are meant to reflect God’s glory and point people to God. We are blessed to be a blessing.

Whatever you are over, whether it’s a family or a business or a relationship, know that you are also under the blessing of God and His guidance. It can be yours, you can live in that way.

Ask for more.

If we’re going to live a life of prosperity, what sin does (and it doesn’t end our relationship with God) is break the fellowship with God. God doesn’t bless sin. He takes sin very seriously. His Son went to the cross for our sin so that we could be free, so that we could be blessed and so that we could prosper. Sin breaks the fellowship.

God has more gifts for you.

With prosperity new levels equal new devils. You can expect opposition. Prosperity is costly. Expect challenges; expect set-backs.

Even the trials, even the difficulties, even the setbacks, God can flip them around and use these to refine us, to test us and to see what’s in our hearts. He clears out a little further and then adds again more expression of prosperity and more expression of blessing in our lives.

We are made for blessing and to prosper in all kinds of ways.

Circumstances don’t change that calling to prosper. You can prosper through them, even in the hardest things.

Live the kind of life that’s promotable.

Expect pushback.

We’re called to persevere regardless of the cost.