Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario begins the Advent season with a sermon on the “Promise”:

What we discover when we look at the characters that were part of Jesus’ Christmas story, we discover that they actually echo and reflect the truth and the beauty and the wonder of Jesus Himself. They are part of telling of who Jesus is as our Saviour and our Messiah.

What Abraham represents for us is that no matter how messed up the world gets, God has a plan and a purpose to redeem it.

Abraham was a person of promise and a person of blessing.

It’s the blessing coming again in the form of a promise. A promise that through Abraham the nations of the world would be blessed. And history goes on to show that God caused Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob to become a nation, the nation of Israel. And out of that nation, He chose a tribe, Judah. And out of that tribe He selected the family, the family of David. All of these are part of Jesus’ Christmas story. And out of that family of David all the nations of the world would be blessed through the Messiah.

He would be the One who breaks the hold the adversary has on us and make possible a new and a renewing relationship with God. Jesus is the Promise.

Jesus is not only the Promised One, He is the Promise Himself. He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We have a promise of blessing today. It’s not something that we have done, but it comes from His goodness, it comes from His grace, and it comes from His faithfulness.

It’s time we acted like blessed people because it happened through Christ.

We can’t judge God by our calendar. Abraham teaches us this, the story of Jesus teaches us this.

Waiting is the hardest work of hope.

Advent is the season of fulfillment and a season of joy, a season of laughter.

Fix your mind on what the season means which is hope and promise and allow that joy to become yours.

Christmas is this unveiling of glory – through this baby, salvation will come to the world.

Agape Love