Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on “Run With Horses: A Sermon Series Through Jeremiah” with “Presumption”:

People are saying the right things, they’re doing the right things, they’re in the right place, but their hearts are far from God.

If you’re going to reform a nation, you have to start with the people of God. Get the people of God on fire and serving God in a faithful way, then the nation has the opportunity to change.

The phony front we put on is an affront to God – He only deals in reality.

God is saying to us today that He wants us to get out from underneath the yoke of religion and putting on airs and pretending and thinking that just because we’re part of this or that tradition or we had this or that upbringing somehow we’re fine with the Lord.

Jeremiah is calling us to a relationship with God that is pure, that is holy, but is real and is honest and transparent and is based in love and faith, not an outward appearance.

God does not have grandchildren; He only has children.

Only A Child