Prayer – Part 1

Prayer – Part 1

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario presents Part 1 of the sermon series on Prayer where he speaks about 2020 representing clear vision:

2020 represents clear vision – seeing clearly and seeing things in focus.

The Lord is calling us to a greater depth of clarity in our understanding of Him and what He would have for our community and what He would have for our family.

He’s calling us to things that we’re going to have to fight for.

He wants you to know with clarity and a fine focus what it is You are fighting for, what it is you are striving for.

Our whole lives are pointed to this exercise of knowing God better.

God wants to give us that Spirit of wisdom so that we know what to do, but we also know who God is in the midst of it, so that we know Him as our power, we know Him as our hope and we know Him as our inheritance.

Love has this tremendous capacity to be reborn, to be renewed, to start again, to create brand new vistas and lots of new energy and new patterns of understanding and greater delight, new clarity about the way forward.

At the beginning of 2020, the Lord is inviting us to reimagine our relationship with Him. That really begins with prayer and begins with a commitment to spend time in His presence.

There can be a new season of renewal and revival so that our spiritual lives count for time and count for eternity.

We don’t see perfectly. There’s not a clarity to our walk. There’s not a precision to our words and our response to situations. We need that healing in our eyes and our seeing so that we can be effective for the Kingdom. But not just effective in terms of producing results, but we can learn the joy of the Lord again, we can feel His pleasure.

We need that revelation, that word from the Lord in our lives. It comes through this commitment to pray and a commitment to hear the Lord, a commitment to stay with the Lord until we know we’ve heard what He wants to say to us.

Make a fresh commitment to pray and to hear His voice and to follow through on what He’s saying.

That 2020 will count more than the previous years. The Lord wants to build on what He’s been showing you and He wants that building to be glorious.

He wants the evidence of His presence to be glorious, to be truth-telling, to be barrier-breaking, to be faith-growing, to be enemy-shattering.

He’s calling us to this new level of engagement with Him that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened so that we would know hope and inheritance and power, so that we would have the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation to know Him better.