Prayer as the Primary Weapon

Prayer as the Primary Weapon

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series “Clothed: Put on the Full Armour of God” with “Prayer as the Primary Weapon”:

Just like germs these forces (unseen realities) may not be seen by the naked eye, but they still affect the activity in our world.

We see the harm of evil in personal lives. We see the finger print of evil in the structures of our world that is working against the good that God desires for His people.

Paul Heber, “The flaw of the excluded middle” denies the fact that there are supernatural forces that impact the daily lives of people.

They take out this fight in this middle area between God and His world.

We are in a struggle and it’s not with people – it’s against principalities, rulers, against authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenlies. They’re exercising influence, they have force, they have persuasion, and they have manipulation – that’s why Jesus calls Satan the prince of this world.

When we pray it’s in this middle ground that our prayers are effective – this is where the war is taking place.

When you pray that the Father’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven, know that there are other forces at work that want another will accomplished on this good earth.

When you pray you are encroaching on the enemy’s territory and that’s why we need the armour of God.

We are part of reclaiming the world for Him and we do that through prayer.

Pray in the Spirit – being led by the Spirit.

It’s time to be praying in the Spirit, letting the Spirit guide and direct, having a heart that’s attuned to what God wants you to be praying about, who He wants you to praying about and how He wants you to pray.

When you pray, it’s not only a two-way transaction, there’s also the forces of evil working against that prayer. The heavenlies, the rulers and authorities, they’re listening in and they desire something else than what you are praying for.

The reason why some prayers are not answered and that battle for that person, that battle for that situation, that battle for health, that battle for a loved one, the battle’s not over yet because it’s not done yet. There are forces working against you.

How does prayer work? Honestly, it’s a mystery!

What is crystal clear from Scripture is that God expects us to pray.

He calls us to pray so He must have a purpose to call us to pray.

Our prayers changes things. Prayer matters.

Throughout the book of Acts God is doing supernatural signs and wonders and deliverance and transforming lives, opening doors, darkness is confronted, the truth is spoken and captives are set free and behind it all is prayer. Do we want to see that today?

If we’re powerless today it’s because we are prayerless.

We need to be praying with all perseverance.

Prayer is our primary weapon.

We need each other for the fight. I need you praying for me and I need to be praying for you.

It’s time to pray; it’s time to believe; it’s time to take our fight to that middle ground and see the glory of Christ be established in a greater way.

You want to burn brighter in the future? We will, it will happen through prayer.