Our Magnificent God

Our Magnificent God

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the Sermon Series “Life Without Lack” with “Our Magnificent God”:

Dallas Willard, “Wherever your mind goes, the rest of your life goes with it.”

A mind is a terrible thing when it’s set on the wrong thing.

When we lose our capacity to focus our minds on right things, our lives go in wrong places, our lives become chaotic, our lives become disconnected. We get the reality we fixate on.

Set our minds on things above, think about God as He truly is.

Think magnificently of our God.

Yahweh or Jehovah is translated as The LORD.

Yahweh is your shepherd.

I AM – a statement of who God is in His character. It means more like I AM that I AM. He is self-sufficient, He is self-sustaining, He is powerful, He is self-determining. He has life in Himself.

Needing nothing God created everything.

There is no one like our God because He is unlike any other.

A life without lack is us thinking about God as He truly is. And if we think about God as He truly is, the only response is thanksgiving, it is praise, it is worship, it is majesty, it is honour.

What is required of us if we are going to live a life without fear? It’s to believe in His name, it’s to believe in His character, in the One who loves us. It’s to believe that and settle that in our mind to trust Him as He truly is.

The Kingdom is not shaken when you experience your worse fear because He is the LORD and He’s unchanging and He’s bigger than any situation. Everything you need is found in Him.