Of Seeds and Yeast

Of Seeds and Yeast

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series on parables: secrets of the kingdom of heaven with “Of Seeds and Yeast”:

When we make Jesus King, when we submit to His Kingly rule, your life begins to take shape and begins to change. He makes you ready for growth so that you’re given everything you need to flourish.

The Kingdom is never in trouble. The church, yes, as an expression of the Kingdom, we struggle. But God’s Kingdom is never in trouble.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of heaven is near.” What He meant by that is that the rule and the reign of God was present in Himself. He came to establish God’s reign and His rule in the world and it came through His person, it came through His message, it came through His work on the cross and His resurrection.

If Jesus is your King you will be there when the saints go marching in.

History belongs to Jesus Christ and if you’re on the side of Jesus Christ, history will take care of itself. Be on the right side of Jesus Christ – He is the Lord of history.

Kingdom is like a little bit of yeast that’s mixed into the batch and affects the whole.

The Kingdom is often hidden to us. We don’t see it until we’re given eyes to see it.

Just like insignificance is often marked by this tremendous potential in someone, that’s the way the Kingdom works. We see it as insignificant and yet it becomes something.

If you know that the Kingdom is at work in the world and it results in transformation, it gives you reason to hope and it gives you reason to persevere.

Believe in potential – the Kingdom presence means change, transformation, renewal. If you think you’re stuck in life, know that as a Kingdom person you can move beyond it. It can become something else for you. King Jesus by His Spirit is moving us toward wholeness.

Kingdom transformation is not about changing losers into winners or failures into achievers or the forgotten into famous. The work of the Kingdom is to turn sinners into saints – to turn our lives around from people who focus on themselves to focusing on others – that’ the work of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is other-focused.

Don’t set out to be the tree. Be the seed. Be that small, hidden response to God and let God bring the increase. Let God establish you. Just do the small thing in His Name and God will do the rest.

Vanier said, “God is hidden in the heart of the smallest of all, in the weakest of all and if we commit ourselves to Him we open a new world.”

It’s that small act of love in the Name of Jesus that changes our world.