Living the Fullness of Psalm 23

Living the Fullness of Psalm 23

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario begins a sermon series on “Life without Lack” with “Living the Fullness of Psalm 23”:

There is divine abundance available to us.

There is so much unlocked potential that when we bring everything to God and God into everything it releases something in our lives.

In the Scriptures, God’s love letter to you and I and His plan for the world, there is great power and transforming power as we read the Word.

We get the mind of God in our lives and we don’t read the Scriptures so much as they read us.

How do we appropriate divine abundance?

To have eternal life is to know God and to know Jesus Christ.

One of the greatest powers of the mind is our minds’ ability to focus on someone or something.

The greatest freedom that God has graced us with is the power to select what we allow or require our mind to dwell upon.

Feelings are important, but we’re not meant to live out of our feelings. Feelings are meant to follow thoughts.

Your mind is the way you interact with the world first.

We’re meant to live out of truth.

It’s in our thought-life that we first make our movements toward God and it’s in our thought-life where the Holy Spirit begins to direct our will and our way to God.

If we have the freedom to choose what we require our mind to dwell upon, then Who better to dwell upon than the God of abundance?

In the world in which we live, there is no neutral ground in this struggle. We are in a real battle and the battle is being fought at the level of the mind.

That’s why we share the gospel because the gospel is God’s counter idea to the ideas that are going on in the world. To counter the ideas is to provide different images and different information to a world that’s shaping us and bent for hell. We share the gospel to tell people there’s a different reality than this – a big R Realty and that reality is Jesus Christ – the hope of the world, the hope of the nations.

True happiness is not found in the retail market, it’s found in a relationship with an all-sufficient God.

The key to a life without lack is to continue the cultivation of the presence of God in our lives and that starts with always having Him before us – that bringing everything to God and God into everything. This is the first movement we need to make, from words on a page to a way of being and a way of thinking.