Kingdom Previews

Kingdom Previews

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series “Rejoicing the City” with “Kingdom Previews”:

Everywhere you look, the world shows signs of unravelling. Thank God, He has a plan and that plan is us.

We are part of His mission in the meantime.

The Bible has previews of coming attractions; they’re meant to stir our imagination of what life will be like when we pass from this age to the next.

There was always going to be a time and a place in God’s economy to be restored.

All that life has unravelled He will knit it back together again – it’s in His economy to restore; to restore family; to restore culture; to restore tribes; and, to restore nations. For the Israelites that happened on the Sabbath year and the year of Jubilee.

The Kinsman-Redeemer reflects the character of God.

God alone has ownership over all people and all land. Nothing and no one can be truly sold because none of those things are ours to do what we want with them. Ultimately everything is the Lord’s.

Everything and everyone ultimately belongs to the Lord and by His good grace it will return to Him; where life unravels, God intends to put back together again.

That was built into the way the Israelite calendar was structured so that everyone remembered, “This is the Lord’s land. We are the Lord’s people.”

We cannot treat each other as if we own each other, as if you’re an instrument for my benefit. But rather I’m blessed so that I might be a benefit to you.

With the coming of Jesus we are living in the season of Jubilee.

Freedom is possible; release of the oppressed is possible; the chains can be broken; the debts can be cancelled; and you can come back to your home because of Jesus.

The world gets a little taste through our lives. Your life as Kingdom people is giving people a little taste of eternity.