Hannah’s Prayer – A Well-Formed Heart

Hannah’s Prayer – A Well-Formed Heart

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series “Hannah’s Heart: A Longing for God” with “Hannah’s Prayer – A Well-Formed Heart”:

How did Hannah move from a place of desperation and despair to a place of triumph and victory?

How did God use her turmoil to mold the character of her heart in a Godward way?

She developed a discriminating ear.

If we have a longing for a future, longing for a destiny that’s ahead of us, then we work together through difficulties and challenges and we’ll have a greater capacity for the things ahead.

Yearn for the vast and endless sea that is the Lord – He’s inviting us to that.

There are three dimensions to a well-formed heart: there is the personal and experiential knowledge of the Lord; there is the belief in the promise; and, there is God’s providence.

Hannah is delighting in the Lord. Every perfect gift comes from above.

The Lord is the source of our blessing; the Lord is the source of our provision; and sometimes, the Lord is the source of our struggle because He wants us to see how pointless it is to struggle in our own strength.

It’s easy at times when we want God to do something and we’re waiting for the answer for us to get fixated on the provision and forget the Provider. We end up seeking His hand and not His face. Let’s never strive for the gift and forget the Giver.

But thanks be to God for His indescribable gift in Jesus Christ that there is hope for the world, hope for the heart, hope for changed hearts and hope for a new way of being in this world.

The church doesn’t need more information. What the church needs is more transformation.

Transformation is you and I meeting with the Lord in an honest way and allowing Him to do that good work in us, because it’s only as transformed people we will have a story to tell.

Remember the biblical truth that it will be alright in the end.

You can show great grace in the midst of difficulty when you know God’s got your back. Whatever bad situation it is, it will one day be reversed. One day your name will be vindicated. One day your testimony will shine like the stars in the sky.

A well-formed heart knows the promise and has a strong belief in the promises that God will make all things new.

It’s living in light of tomorrow.

A well-formed heart knows God is sovereign in history.

A well-formed heart lives out of a kingdom perspective – it has Jesus as King.

What’s forming your heart? What are you allowing? What are you purposely doing in your life to form your heart? You’re being formed by something – the question is by what?