Hannah’s Heart

Hannah’s Heart

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario begins a new sermon series “Hannah’s Heart: A Longing for God”:

At the beginning of 2019 God is extending to us a chance at a new start, a chance at an opportunity to correct our course and to renew a commitment to maybe something that is lacking in our lives.

We are champions of the status quo. Change doesn’t come easy.

If we’re not changing, we’re not growing; and, if we’re not growing, then we’re going backwards. The Lord never intended for us to go backward in our lives. We’re always meant to move forward in growth and understanding.

His call to us to change is not punitive, it’s an invitation to know His love on a deeper level.

The issue is that while we have some knowledge about God, He longs for us to have knowledge of God. He really wants us to know Him too. It’s a personal knowing; it’s a transformational knowing. God is inviting us to that transformational knowing of Him, but it starts with the longing in the heart. It starts with a desire to reach out to Him, to call on His Name and wait until we hear from Him about our lives and about what is going on in our lives and hear about His deep, deep love for us.

God, more often than not, in the midst of human calamity brings about blessing.

When circumstances seem evil, God is working for our good. Not everything that happens to us is good, but God works them for our good for those who love Him.

If all you have is the Lord, you have enough.

God is extending to us at the beginning of 2019 an invitation to participate in the change that He wants to bring about in our world.

God is looking for those with a Hannah heart – those who are willing to enter the long travail until something new breaks forth. A longing in your heart until change happens.

Hannah had no position, she had no power. But you know what she had? She had prayer. Prayer to God Almighty who has the power to reorder our world.

If you don’t let go of God, He won’t let go of you.

We have no idea what our small act of surrender might give life to.

It’s time for us to pray and believe that God will renew His church.

I don’t know that we’ve entered in and committed ourselves to be there before the Lord and crying out to Him until things are different. We’ve become used to the status quo, but it’s not at all what the Lord would have for us.

The Lord is inviting us to do the travailing work of seeing a new start, a brand new move forward into different levels of intimacy and love for our neighbour.