God is Working

God is Working

Pastor Donna Schultz of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the Christmas story with “God is Working”:

In all of the ways that the Israelites failed, Jesus will do it right. In all of the ways that they turned their back on God, they failed, they yielded to temptation, Jesus the Saviour, the King, He gets it right. Jesus as God’s Son gets is right, there’s nothing out of place.

Where is God when the pain is so great? I believe He is groaning and He is in agony as well.

Yes, there is great weeping and yes, it is not right, but God will have the last say. God is still in control.

And in your life and mine, when it’s not making sense and there’s too much pain, we have to trust God will have the last say.

The pain doesn’t have the last say – Jesus’ resurrected life has the last say and in that there is always hope and there’s always courage, and there’s always life, even in the pain.

God is the same in answered prayer and in the waiting. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the surface, God is still working as we continually offer it over to Him.

In any and every situation am I humbly coming to the Father and saying, “Your will be done”?

Your will be done, Lord, but not the mess. We can’t have the mess, I can’t handle that. But sometimes it’s in the mess that God’s will is ultimately being worked out and being done.

I can trust God’s heart when I cannot see His hand.