God is Speaking

God is Speaking

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the Advent Christmas series “The Truth About Christmas” with “God is Speaking”:

Jesus came into the world so that we would know the Truth.

Without Christmas we do not have a complete revelation of the Father. Christmas is about the birth of that full revelation and for Truth revealed.

If you don’t know Jesus then you just don’t know the Truth. You don’t know all the Truth of what you’re meant to know as an individual, as a community and as a civilization.

God’s commitment to be with us. The best expression of love is to be with someone.

At Christmas we celebrate the arrival of our King.

Even when we were shaking our fist at God, He was acting in love and grace toward us – He is a radically different kind of King.

Jesus says to Pilate, “Everyone on the side of Truth listens to Me.”

What happens when God stops speaking? People begin to focus on the rules and not on the life-giving Spirit.

God is silent for 400 years between the Old and New Testaments.

In the fullness of time, the God who has been silent for centuries finds His voice and every word has to do with Jesus and the salvation that He brings.

At Christmas God is speaking and He’s speaking loud and clear and He is still speaking today.

He spoke through the life and ministry of Jesus, He spoke through the Holy Spirit.

God is speaking and His speech is a form of light, of revelation, of disclosure and an unveiling of God and His ways.

The nativity story introduces to us an openness to receive the Light. We find Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and Anna – all of them are open to receiving the Light from God, to receiving the revelation from God.

A God who is known to be silent and yet He is now speaking and they are ready. They are ready for this in-breaking of revelation in their lives.

Life is about Christ’s coming and when He comes that’s all that matters.

The Light is still coming into the world – are we looking for it?

All these folks in the story are humble people. God speaks to anybody.

Surely God is no respecter of persons and will speak to whoever is open to Him.

Hearing is heeding – we act on what is heard.