Focus on Love

Focus on Love

Pastor Donna Schultz continues the sermon series on 1 John: The Inside Story with “Focus on Love”:

If we’re allowing sin to be part of our lives, we find ourselves literally fighting against God Himself.

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. He came because He had to deal with sin; He came because the devil’s work had to be destroyed.

We may sin, but we will not continue sinning; it will not be a habitual part of our lives, because Jesus appeared to deal with sin.

Sin is a problem, but Jesus came to deal with it and we do not need to continue in it.

Salvation of man is brought through love and in love.

This love that God has for us really is out of this world. There’s no where we can turn that His love isn’t there; there’s nothing that we can really do that His love isn’t there; there’s no situation that you and I can face that His love isn’t there. When we think of God’s love, we can stand back in astonishment and think, “Wow! What love He has for us!”

This is how we know God’s love for us, He sent Jesus, His one and only Son. HE gave all that He had.

He sent His Son to die for us in love.

Self-sacrifice is seeking of another’s positive good at one’s own cost.

What should our love look like? We should love one another. Love rejoices with others. The ultimate act of love is laying down one’s life for another.

G.P. Lewis, “It is easier to be enthusiastic about Humanity with a capital “H” than it is to love individual men and women. Especially those who are uninteresting, exasperating, depraved or otherwise unattractive. Loving everybody in general may be an excuse for loving nobody in particular.”

Love seeks for the good for others even when it may cost us in sacrifice. It may be a sacrifice in time; it may be a sacrifice of our resources; or, it may be a sacrifice of your talent.

May it be said of us that there’s such a resemblance in your life of who God is. That same love that He breathes, may that same love be said of you and I.

Loving God is loving our brothers and sisters. If I cannot love the one I see, how can I love the One I cannot see?

Our love is to be proactive and reactive.

May we be the place where the gentle art of gentleness is evident, where sensitivity and thoughtfulness is very much a part of who we are and good old-fashioned love has the last say.

When we look at God’s wondrous love for us, can we walk in anything less?

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