Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario continues the sermon series “Hannah’s Heart: a Longing for God” with “Dis-Appointment”:

Hannah is the kind of person that just wouldn’t let go until God brought change in her world.

God can use us to affect change beyond just ourselves.

God is the God of transformation; He’s the God of change.

He takes us where we are, the good, the bad and the ugly and we become aware that He’s around us and He’s working – at that very moment He starts this journey of transformation.

He wants to move us along in this process of change.

How does God change us?

Like it or not change happens. Change is built into the fabric of our world; the passing of time changes us.

Christianity is about transformation. We are learning to be like Jesus in our attitudes, our behaviour and in our character. They’re the ABC’s of Christian living. It’s a school we never graduate from – we’re always learning.

He picks us up in our sin and our rebellion, He picks us up there but He’s moving us to a place where we experience the fullness of who He is in us. We live the life we’re meant to live.

When we miss that appointed life that God has for us, we end up in a state of Dis-Appointment. I also disappoint God because I remove Him from the centre of my life and put myself there.

When God is leading in one direction and we’re pulling in another, we’re always moving to disappointment.

When we get our heart aligned with God’s expectation for us, we will truly live a life that’s appointed for glory, appointed for joy, and appointed for love.

You can do life on your own. You can be the ultimate source of your own fulfillment through your own resources – that’s dis-appointment. You can be like God, without God.

Only in Christ can we experience our truest life, our genuine identity, our deepest meaning, our fullest purpose and our ultimate value.

Only in Christ can we experience the intimate union with this God who is called love.

To act independently of Him, to express our autonomy from Him is really to live an illusion. There is no life apart from life in Christ. To live a life apart from Christ is a lie.

When we live a self-referenced life, we end up lost.

Disappointment always results in displacement.

Our true home is meant to be in God.

The truth is that you can’t begin to know God until you begin to know yourself. Knowing yourself is what will limit your knowing God.

God only deals in reality. He knows what’s really going on in your heart. He knows the fear, He knows the anxiety, and He knows the worry.

God is a jealous God; He’s not willing to share His job with you.

God is not looking for perfection, but He is looking for progress. He’s looking for an openness and a willingness that the orientation of our lives is toward Him.

Hannah's Heart