Deep Roots, Wild Branches – Part 3

Deep Roots, Wild Branches – Part 3

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario completes the mini-series on Deep Roots, Wild Branches – Part 3:

The church has been in maintenance mode a long time, maintaining this inherited way of doing church.

It’s time to return to the God of mission, to the God who’s heart is broken over our nation and the lost souls that are all around us.

It’s the mission of making disciples who make disciples, sharing God’s love, inviting people into the Kingdom of God. Making Him known is the mission of the church.

Disciple-making movement takes everybody. It takes every one of us.

It’s not bricks and mortar, the church is a living, breathing organism created by God as a dwelling place for His Spirit, equipped and tasked with the mandate to declare His praises to the nations – to our neighbours across the street and to people around the world.

We thought if we build it they will come and in fact they did come for a period of time. Churches used to be full of people, but not anymore.

The question is not how many people go to church on any given Sunday, but how many people went out into the world that it inhabits as a witness to the love and power of Jesus? Not how many people stayed, but how many people go.

It’s our sentness that matters. We are sent into the world.

We need to stop hiding in our holy huddles and engage our community with good news.

The focus is not on keeping the doors open, the focus is on reaching people.

The truth is individual Christians don’t reach communities and they don’t revitalize church, but a whole Spirit-filled group of Christians would make that happen.