Deep Roots, Wild Branches – Part 2

Deep Roots, Wild Branches – Part 2

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario speaks in Part Two of “Deep Roots, Wild Branches”:

An entire generation has grown up within Canada and they do not know the Lord. They do not know who the God of Israel even is, let alone what Jesus has done on the cross and resurrection, what Jesus has done in the nations of the world and what Jesus has done in this place and on this soil.

We are living in a different eco-system. We can’t keep our jungle ways in the midst of a desert culture. We have to adapt to a different eco-system.

We are looking at re-missioning the church. It’s awakening that commission that we’ve been given by the Lord to make disciples by our faithful witness.

This is the Great Commission to go and make disciples – as you go and when you go and how you go, wherever you go, make disciples.

It’s not self-preservation that should characterize the people of God, but self-donation. We need to give ourselves for the sake of this community.

Christ was given for the sake of the world; His church and His body can do no less.

We do not exist for ourselves. We exist as a church for the sake of the world.

The church doesn’t have a mission as much as the mission has a church.

There is a path to revitalization, it will come through restructuring of the local church for mission.