Communion with Community

Communion with Community

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario speaks on “Communion with Community” where we honour Christ at Communion in how we treat each other:

Inattention breeds contempt.

When we stop focusing on our relationship and focus more on our hurts and demands, that’s when we begin to devalue each other and that’s when we find it easy to get into that negative funk and it spirals down from there.

It has application with communion as well. The Corinthians are not doing communion in a Christ-honouring way.

Jesus is the Passover lamb that takes the sin of the world and this is what they are to remember. But how does that sacrificial offering of Christ square against the selfishness of some of the Corinthians – it just doesn’t.

How can we treat one person one way and another person another way when Christ, having died for all and saved us all, welcomes us all the same?

Humans cannot follow the ways of a holy God. We cannot measure up.

But the beauty and the wonder of the new covenant is that God’s acceptance of us is not based on our faithfulness, it’s based on Christ’s faithfulness.

God looks at us through the new covenant lens which was put into effect by the blood of Jesus and what He sees is forgiven people. Jesus did what we could not do.

The blood is the scale through which God measures our lives. Are you under the blood today?

If this is the way that God Himself chooses to treat us, how in the world could we treat others as if they were any less?

We think to approach the table we need to be worthy of it. We’re all unworthy.

We would come to this table without being attentive to the needs of those who are eating with us – that’s taking it unworthily.

There’s no room for cliques in the Kingdom of God. It’s not just the vertical that God cares about. He cares deeply about the horizontal as well. Love your God and love your neighbour.

To focus only on the vertical is to eat and drink without recognizing the body of the Lord.

How sinister is disunity.

Examine yourself – put to the test our attitude toward the table. The way we treat others is the way we treat Christ.