Christ’s Baptism and Ours

Christ’s Baptism and Ours

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario speaks on “Christ’s Baptism and Ours” for Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019:

Baptism depicts Christ’s death and resurrection. Baptism is an outward declaration of an inner work.

Christ’s baptism reminds us that it was an important part of His identity and it ought to be a part of our identity as well.

Jesus was meant to be baptized by John for preparation for His ministry.

Why would Jesus need to be baptized? He had nothing to repent of. So great is the love of God that He desired through Jesus to enter into the brokenness and the sin-affected world in which we live.

At His baptism, Jesus is identifying, not as a sinner, but as a Saviour of the world. He’s identifying with fallen humanity, even participating in our alienation from God.

Because He identified with us in our lostness, we now are included in the life of God and in the family of God.

The early church fathers said, “That which is not assumed cannot be healed.”

Jesus assumed our fallen state as fully God and fully man. Because of that, we are included in the people of God.

Jesus is favoured and set apart for blessing.

As baptized people, we live under an open heaven. Nothing stands between us and God.

The Spirit empowered Jesus for ministry.

We are acclaimed. Jesus had the loving affirmation of the Father to the eternal Son of God.

All that God wanted the world to know about Himself is found in the person of Jesus.

It was God’s delight to reveal Himself to the world through Christ; the revelation that came through the Son.

God invites you and I to participate in this love; in this fellowship with the Father, Son and Spirit.

Who are we in Christ? We are included; we are favoured; we are empowered; and, we are claimed. This is the meaning of our baptism.